Reduce payroll headaches through an integrated system 

Reduce Administrative Work

Let’s face it … your practice makes money by seeing patients. Running payroll for your practice shouldn’t take all day. If you are processing payroll manually with QuickBooks or another system like it, while using a separate system for time and attendance, the process can feel endless.

It can all be automated using the web-based platform provided by AccuPay HCM. 

Ensure Accuracy

When it comes to payroll, it has to be accurate 100% of the time: Mistakes happen. But mistakes with payroll can cost you time, money, and even a valued employee. We are experts in this industry with more than three decades of experience. We do our diligence to make sure your payroll is on-time and accurate every time. 

Stay in Compliance

State and Federal laws on payroll taxes, withholdings, and other regulations frequently change. As the employer, you are required to keep up with this ever-changing landscape and keep your business in compliance. At AccuPay HCM, your designated Client Specialist will manage these changes for you and provide all the required end-of-the-year paperwork. 

Expert Advice

Why go it alone when it comes to something as important as payroll. At AccuPay HCM, we provide you with a designated Client Specialist who is your partner in payroll and human capital management. Your Specialist is here to answer your questions in a timely manner – no bot chats, no call queues, no generic e-mail responses. Real people who are really invested in your business! 

“The team at AccuPay and the easy-to-use platform has made handling our payroll easy. It’s virtually no touch. Plus, all our data, like salary and personal information, is secure and can get the type of reports needed to better manage our practice. We don’t have to do it ourselves anymore, their customer service is unmatched.”

— Tracy McCann, Practice Manager

Our platform will give you the time to focus on the growth of your office. 

Time is money. And now, payroll can be hassle and time-free.

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