Faster Fitness, AccuPay HCM Testimonial

Marshall was brainstorming for ways to help grow and support his business. He researched programs around the Covid-19 situation and discovered the Employee Retention Credit program offered by the IRS to help companies who were affected by the pandemic and forced to fully or partially shutdown in 2020.

Marshall approached his CPA about the ERC program and due to their workload, they suggested he discuss the opportunity with his payroll company, AccuPay HCM. He contacted Cina Shaw, his AccuPay Client Services Rep, and Cina was able to quickly get the process started for him.

Within a week, AccuPay had re-run his quarterly payroll information and submitted the required amended federal tax form. The amount returned made a significant impact on a sole proprietorship company. It has allowed Marshall to start 2021 on a strong footing where he can help his clients achieve their fitness goals.

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