ACT Inc, AccuPay HCM Testimonial

After 40 years with the same payroll and human capital management company, ACT, Inc. determined they needed to re-assess these internal processes. They issued an RFP and AccuPay HCM’s response easily exceeded the needs of the organization while providing the right fit from a financial perspective as well.

Previously, they had to manage five to six different systems and our solution narrowed that considerably. Their payroll is a complex situation which services multiple payrolls, has to be 24/7 availability and has employees both in the office and remote. Our system eliminated the need for backend Excel spreadsheet based processes. It has been easy to navigate and is customized to their needs.

The implementation process was tremendous and conducted under time constraints and within the pandemic situation. Over 200 employees had to be trained remotely to use the system through Zoom meetings. For the main Finance Team training, the pace of training was ideal and the AccuPay team was quick to respond with answers or find the answers within 24 hours in most cases.

The AccuPay Implementation team experienced great responsiveness from the ACT team in regards to their willingness to learn the new system and understand the capabilities. Sandy sought out the University section of our site to learn about reports and how to navigate the system quickly.

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